About QIQO

QIQO is a hot, natural energy drink. By combining all the goodness of Guarana, Mate and Pomegranate, QIQO gives you a healthy physical and mental energy boost – same same as coffee, but different. QIQO is 100% natural and contains 0 sugar.

Get a QIQO on www.drinkqiqo.com , share the positive vibe around you, and make every day feel like a Friday (except Monday, Mondays will be Mondays).

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"What Else?" we thought after our third coffee on a rainy Tuesday in November. The three of us were finishing our studies, which included a lot of studying and paper writing, and we were feeling the afternoon dip monster creeping up again. We drank coffee on a regular basis, but somehow we wanted something different from time to time. Having energy drinks every afternoon wasn't the most sustainable solution and teas didn't really get the job done. So the three of us decided to create our own coffee alternative: a hot, natural energy drink. During a couple of years we traveled the world (just kidding, we googled a lot) searching for the best ingredients and creating the best taste, to finally bring you QIQO: a hot, natural energy drink.

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